Attorney Search Engine Marketing

Law Firm Paid Search Marketing

More Hits Means More Calls – Google Adwords Desktop & Call Only

A hard-to-miss web presence can be virtually guaranteed via paid placement in the sponsored sections of sites such as Google® and Yahoo!®. Our Quick Results Package relies partially on this strategy. By guaranteeing a spot at the top of every search page, your law firm will attract a large number of new visitors for as long as the ads run. Lawyer PPC manages advertising contracts with Google®, Bing™, AOL®, and many others. Our search partners account for more than 90% of the entire Internet’s search traffic. More visitors directly translates into an increase in calls and emails, so consider the Quick Results Package if you need increased client volume now.

Our full service advertising template includes various services which, when combined, form an overall complete online presence for your attorneys. Lawyer PPC will create keywords relevant to your law practice, write ad copy for your legal site or blog, and maintain your geo-targeting information. Our ClickRank™ software can maximize clicks for the price you pay and help increase the number of clients who call and email seeking legal advice or representation.

Advertising For Your Market

Internet marketing through search engines is the focus of our business, but we offer much more besides. Lawyer PPC will manage your law firm’s presence in various local marketing outlets by updating your information online. Many people seeking an attorney will turn to the Yellow Pages site or local information index, so maximizing your exposure to local traffic means staying on top of these venues. Lawyer PPC will keep you in the results list no matter where your future clients search. Our commitment to building attorney websites extends to continuously searching for and testing new directories in order to offer the most comprehensive service possible.

Our advertising and hosting network is growing daily thanks to our constant efforts at testing and adding new content. As our network grows, so do your referrals, meaning more leads on potential clients.