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The sheer volume of competing sites on the internet is one of the main factors that make online marketing difficult for the inexperienced. Your law practice may boast a site that’s beautifully designed, elegantly animated, and rich with content, but none of that means anything if no one can find it via a search engine. That need for traffic is our niche: We’re experts at bringing in the hits that will translate into calls and long-term clients. We’ll help you find visits from relevant, interested people searching for attorneys online.

In our modern digital world, search engines have replaced phone books as the number one tool for consumers who want to find a lawyer on the internet. Whatever your practice, hundreds of potential clients are searching in your area for attorneys. Lawyer PPC will promote your site through three different avenues online. Organic search results, the links that appear when users search for keywords, will bring in consistent traffic. Paid search results can generate high volume traffic in a short amount of time. Finally, the maps section can help to round out your presence and connect with clients in your locality. Our local advertising efforts go hand in hand with this search engine promotion to get you listed on a network of over 75 indices and directories online.

Search Engine Optimization

Finding clients through the internet requires building a web presence that will show up near the top of various major search providers. Lawyer PPC can manage your law firm’s online presence, boosting you up the rankings and attracting more clients. Our Long Term Growth Package and Complete Package offer prominent, organic placement to bring in the traffic that will help your attorneys show up in searches.

Optimization In Practice

SEO relies on more than keyword placement, so let us handle the background tasks for you. We’ll set up referrals that bring high volume clicks from inbound links. Search engines are designed to notice sites that receive steady traffic from other sites, so inbound visitors will bring more traffic with them.